Our Products

We are a locally owned pet store that has been serving the Red Lion and York community since 1993. We provide the expertise and knowledge necessary to help our customers care for pets of all shapes and sizes. Our specialty includes small animals, fish, reptiles, kittens, hermit crabs, and all their necessary supplies. Check out the Our Products section for a more detailed description of our animals and supplies. We also offer full scale grooming and nail trimming. The Grooming page has more details on the services we offer.

Do you have a Critter Club Stamp card? It's easy and totally free! You receive a stamp for every $5 you spend, and after you fill the card up with 20 stamps, you get $5 off your purchase. (Cannot be used on dog or cat food or grooming/nail trimming services)

We are located at 10 West Broadway Red Lion PA 17356. We are in the building adjacent to the Red Lion pharmacy, just past the square in downtown Red Lion.

Our phone number is 717-244-4099 and our email is allaboutpetstoo@aol.com.

Be sure to "like" us on Facebook for the latest updates and special offers. .www.facebook.com/allaboutpetstoo.